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Full name: Husef Artigas
Date of birth: 27th June, 1978
Gender and sex: Male
Hometown: Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. I reside now in Phoenix, Arizona.
Language skills:
  • Spanish - Native speaker
  • English - Fluent

Currently Working with young artists teaching them how to draw as well as support their creative process. I taught them all the basic elements and principles of art and integrated art history in order to give a well-rounded class. 

Like many artist I like to first focus on how the image would fit in deep space like action poses with the torso tilting toward or away with overlapping figures while keeping the proportion in place. I have to focus in keeping the figure in foreshortening, meaning keeping the artwork looking solid in three dimensional object while moving through real space and not making it look flat, to be thoroughly familiar with the figure in order to depict the right pose, movements and gestures. To have a deeper insight of the forms and their relations to each other.


Before I begin working, if you were to pass by me you might laugh as you catch me without moving and staring fixedly with eyes wide open at a blank piece of paper as if I was watching a movie, but what you wont see is my mind going wild trying to find the best design for my illustration, seeing in advance the final work before I begin.  

I always look to test myself to the limit and draw something unexpected and unfamiliar in order to push the limit of my resources. I don't like to copy what I see for this approach is never satisfying. I like to invent, create anything at will, out of my own idea and that's my challenge I look for so I can say, the art work is truly mine.